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DoorDash Product Manager (PM) Interview Guide

Learn how to prepare for the DoorDash interview and get a job at DoorDash with this in-depth guide.

Want to land your dream job as a DoorDash product manager (PM)? Don't interview for DoorDash until you finish reading our guide to DoorDash PM interviewing. DoorDash's interview process is known to be highly competitive, given its prominent position in the tech ecosystem. Especially given the role of DoorDash in the global economy after the COVID-19 outbreak, DoorDash has risen in popularity and prestige as one of the fastest growing startups in the Silicon Valley.

In this guide, we'll examine frequently asked questions about the DoorDash interview process, including hiring criteria and tips to succeed in the interview.

Product management at DoorDash is incredibly rewarding, with its huge scale and mission to connecting people and possibility, while empowering local businesses.

Interview Process

Interview Stages

To interview for a DoorDash product manager role, you'll go through three stages: a recruiter call, a phone screen, and an on-site interview (currently virtual).

Recruiter Call

The first stage is a quick call with a DoorDash recruiter. These calls are less evaluative in nature and more motivational & level-setting. The recruiter will ask about your product management experience, as well as why you want to work at DoorDash.

No need to prepare much for this one! Review your resume to speak off it, and be sure to research a bit more about DoorDash.

Hiring Manager Phone Screen

In this one hour conversational interview, you'll speak with another team member or the hiring manager for the position you selected.

Some typical questions in this stage involve behavioral questions (E.g. "Tell me about a time when...") and potentially some domain-specific questions depending on the role you're applying to. Be sure to have answers to common questions prepared, like "Why product management?"

On-site Interview

In this stage, you'll meet 4-5 team members for up to an hour each. You'll experience a variety of interview types, as discussed in the next section. DoorDash may ask you questions related to the specific domain of expertise you're applying for, so it's helpful to review your past experiences and background and researching the team you're interviewing with to be fully prepared.

DoorDash also emphasizes its values throughout the interview - research these and be sure to speak off of them throughout the interview day.

In the next section, we'll discuss specific attributes DoorDash is looking for in interviews and how to prepare for them.

Sample Interview Questions

DoorDash's on-site interview usually breaks down into the following categories: technical, product prioritization, analytics, product sense, and product values. Here's how to prepare for each one.

Technical Interview

In DoorDash's technical interview, they'll discuss your technical expertise. This is not a coding interview, but you'll definitely be asked to describe past experiences with technology and how you work with engineers. You may also be asked questions like how to evaluate technical tradeoffs in interview questions.

Here is a list of technical questions recently asked

Technical interview questions for PMs are notoriously hard to prepare for - it's hard to ascertain how technical they'll be before the interview. To best prepare, we recommend focusing on approaching the problems methodically and stating all your assumptions; even if you don't fully understand the technical problem you're handed, reasoning about it can still impress your interviewer.

It does help to review some of the technical concepts linked above, and it may help to specifically focus your research on marketplace-based technical questions.

Product Prioritization

In this DoorDash interview, you'll be given a problem statement and expected to prioritize the solutions to the problem based on various input from your interviewer. DoorDash explicitly states that they're not seeking a "correct" answer but instead looking to understand your approach and framework for how you make the final decision.

Our number one tip? Focus on understanding the goal of the problem, which likely will bubble down from DoorDash's overall mission and vision. Once you have the goal understood, you can prioritize the criteria based on a variety of factors, but always using that goal as your "north star" for the problem.

Check out some of the most recently-asked prioritization problems in product management interviews to practice these even more.


As a product manager, you will be expected to make decisions that will impact the business. Analytical questions test your ability to understand the product strategy and the data. You will want to demonstrate competency in defining metrics as well as understanding what to do when metrics change. Be methodical and show that you make data-driven decisions.

These interview questions will be conducted either by an analyst or a product manager at DoorDash.

Here is a list of analytical questions recently asked.

The key to success in these interviews is starting at a high-level with the goals of the product, and then drilling deeper into actions and metrics. We recommend employing the GAME framework for key metrics questions, as demonstrated in this PM lesson.

Product Sense

Product questions test your ability to design a new product or improve an existing one. Be user-focused. The key is to ensure you're organized with your thoughts and have a clear goal in mind that will solve the user's problem(s).

Here is a list of product questions recently asked.

One of the best frameworks is to go "broad then deep". First, "go broad" by listing all the ideas and solutions that come to mind. Then, pick one to "go deep" on and explain why that is the solution you chose.

Another approach we see candidates have success with is The Triangle Method. This framework will help you articulate your thoughts and help nail your points into the interviewer's mind. To accomplish this, first list three points. Then, dive into each point. Finally, summarize your three points at the end. This will help you articulate your points and subpoints.

Product Values

The product values interviews at DoorDash are typically focused on behavioral-style interview questions. Some questions might include asking about your career goals and why you want to work at DoorDash.

Here is a list of behavioral questions recently asked.