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Intuit Product Manager (PM) Interview Guide

Learn how to prepare for the Intuit Product Manager interview and get a job at Intuit with this in-depth guide.

Want to land your dream job as an Intuit product manager (PM)? Don't interview for Intuit until you finish reading our guide to Intuit PM interviewing. Intuit interview process is known to be highly competitive, given its high-caliber products in the financial and accounting space, including Turbotax and Quickbooks.

In this guide, we'll examine frequently asked questions about Intuit's interview process, including common questions asked and tips to succeed in the interview. Keep in mind that the key to acing Intuit's interview is acing the take-home assignment, which we'll discuss in the sections to follow.

Product management at Intuit is incredibly rewarding, with its huge scale and mission to create an open financial system for the world.

Interview Process

Interview Stages

To interview for the Intuit product manager role, you'll go through four main stages: recruiter calls, phone interviews, a take-home assignment, and an on-site interview (currently virtual).

Recruiter Call

The first stage involves informal chats with the recruiter at Intuit. The recruiter calls will be an opportunity for the recruiter to get to know your background and resume, so preparing should be a quick review of your existing set of experiences. To prepare for these interviews, go through your experiences as a product manager and have a few stories ready to tell in case you're asked a relevant question. These interviews aren't as rigorous as the next two stages.

Take Home Assignment

Intuit heavily emphasizes their take-home assignment, and this is perhaps the most important stage of the interview process. In the take-home assignment stage, Intuit sends over a brief prompt where you'll be asked to innovate solutions to a particular problem that a product manager might face. The alotted time to complete the assignment is two hours.

These are intentionally open-ended, and do not have much structure to them, as Intuit is interested in assessing for creative thinking and being able to solve large, ambiguous problems. The take-home assignment makes up a large portion of the on-site interview, where interviewers will ask you to dive deeper into your solutions.

We recommend putting extra effort into your take-home assignment. Unfortunately, there is little direct guidance on how to complete the assignment, so focus on devising a structure that works well for the case question. It can be helpful to review some of the examples in our expert answer database to see how other PMs may have solved similar problems.

On-site Interview

In this stage, you'll start off the day by first presenting your take-home assignment work to a group of 4-5 Intuit team members. In this presentation, you'll be asked to share deeper rationalization for your choices (e.g. prioritization of features). The presentation will be highly interactive, with team members interjecting to ask questions, and drill in on specific numbers. The presentation is the crux of the Intuit PM interview - where different team members will ask you questions tailored to the interview that may look like estimation, analytical, and product design questions.

After the presentation, you'll have individual 1:1s with everyone in the meeting, which usually comprises of a meeting with each of the following: PM, engineering manager, data/analytics, business development. In each of these interviews, you'll be asked follow-up questions on the presentation as well as one case-based question relevant to the job function of the interviewer.

To prepare for these, we recommend first practicing your presentation before the on-site, and asking a friend to give feedback/ drill you on your answers. Additionally, anticipate how each of the relevant job functions might respond to the specific parts of your presentation that might be relevant.

Tips on Take-Home Assignment

Intuit's take-home assignment is the most important part of the interview, so spend extra time here. Intuit in fact uses their take-home assignment to judge the level of the candidate - performing better on this means that you'd come in to Intuit at a higher level.

The take-home assignment is intended to cover all the typical parts of a PM interview, but focused on one main category. While Intuit's presentation is certainly rigorous, Intuit is a very people focused company - they want you to succeed in the interview, and will be supportive of you as they drill into your thoughts and ideas.

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