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Workday Product Manager (PM) Interview Guide

Learn how to prepare for the Workday Product Manager interview and get a job at Workday with this in-depth guide.

Workday is commonly listed as one of the best places to work. No wonder, given that their product is often helping other companies to improve their performance and workflows.

At Workday, you'll get an opportunity to work in one of the most well-known B2B tech companies in the space, and as a product manager, you'll need to understand how to not only build excellent products, but meet the needs of Workday's customer base. Since Workday is still growing rapidly, their interview process isn't standardized like other companies, but there are some tips and tricks that will help you ace the PM interview.

Read on to learn how to ace the Workday product management (PM) interview.

Interview Process

Generally, there are two stages for a Workday PM interview: the phone screen, and the on-site.

Phone Screen

If there is a good fit based on your resume, the Workday recruiter (or in some cases the hiring manager) will contact you for an initial 30 to 45-minute chat over the phone. The recruiter tries to understand why you're interested in Workday and the specific PM role you applied to.

Use this time to demonstrate your passion for the role. Keep in mind the recruiter will be looking for signs that you will be a good cultural fit, so be sure to also review the company's core values.

Usually, it takes between one to two weeks to hear back after your phone screen.


In the on-site interview, you will meet with four to seven employees ranging from product managers to engineers to business folks. You'll meet with each person for 45 minutes. Senior roles often involve interviewing with more interviewers.

Here, you'll be asked a range of behavioral and product sense questions. You will also encounter questions that gauge your technical and data understanding, as well as questions that test your ability to work with engineering.

After the on-site interview, you will typically hear back within one to two weeks.

At this point, reference checks will be initiated as well as other standard paperwork. If the role you interviewed for isn't the right fit for you, there is a chance that you would have the opportunity to have an additional conversation with a hiring manager for a different role within Workday.

Keep in mind that Workday interviews range broadly from each other, but generally, they'll map to the product area you're interviewing with. For instance, If you're interviewing with a user-facing role, there may be more product design questions than analytical ones.

Sample Interview Questions

Unfortunately, the PM interviews for Workday aren't standardized. This means that you'll want to focus on two question types mostly: general product questions, and behavioral questions.

General Product Questions

Behavioral Questions

Learn everything you need to ace your Product Manager interviews.

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