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Practice mock interviews with peers

Join thousands of tech candidates practicing interviews to land jobs. Practice real questions over video chat in a collaborative environment and get helpful feedback.
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Exponent Practice roles

Who's using it

How everyone in tech prepares

Exponent Practice supports interview prep for everyone in tech. From product management to software engineering and data roles, there are thousands of practice questions to choose from.

How it works

How to schedule a practice session

Schedule a time

Join later today or pre-schedule an hour-long mock interview session that suits your availability, experience, and skills. Practice anytime that fits.

Get matched

Automatically match with peers preparing for the same interviews. Each match is picked just for you. Take turns role-playing as interviewer and interviewee.

Exchange feedback

Trade detailed and actionable notes with your parter after the session ends to improve for next time. Get honest feedback that only a peer could give.

Why practice?

Gain confidence and get real results

Practice and receive feedback on both your technical and behavioral interviewing skills.

Match with serious, like-minded candidates who are actively improving their interview skills.

Deep dive into the most commonly asked interview questions in tech.

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Join thousands of candidates using Exponent to practice and land their dream jobs.

Product Manager, Microsoft
Exponent's peer-to-peer mock interviews, courses, and coaching sessions were everything I needed in one place to get my dream PM job.
Software Engineer, Google
Nothing beats mock coding interviews. I wasn't nervous on the day of my interviews and got offers from Google and Microsoft.
Data Scientist, Meta
I truly benefited from the mock interview practice and coaching sessions. Exponent gave me everything I needed to succeed.

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