Associate Product Manager Sample Resume

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Here's a copy of my resume when I was accepted to the Google Associate Product Management (APM) program. This resume should be used as a sample resume when creating your own resume.

Here are some aspects worth highlighting on your resume:

  • Software/Product Experience. Do you have experience shipping and building products?
  • Data Analysis. Do you know SQL? Do you know how data informs product decisions?
  • User Studies. Have you collected data for qualitative or quantitative research ? Do you know how to use this feedback to inform decisions?
  • Market Research. Do you have a solid understanding of industries related to technology? Do you know how to conduct market research?
  • Design. How does your design experience relate to product launches?
  • …Many more. This isn’t a complete list. Customize your list of skills based on your background, and based on the type of product management role you’re applying for.

If you want to edit your own resume, check out Exponent's guide: A Checklist For The Perfect Product Management Resume.

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