Case Study: Georgia Tech College of Computing

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How Georgia Tech's College of Computing uses Exponent to prepare their students for careers in technology.

Want to help your students land more tech jobs after graduation? Learn how you can pair real-world interview prep with existing coursework.


Georgia Tech's College of Computing is consistently ranked among the top computer science programs worldwide, and is known for its cutting-edge research, top-notch facilities, and a rigorous curriculum. With more than 19,000 students, it is by far the biggest computing program in the U.S.

This commitment to excellence at scale not only prepares students for academic success but also positions them as highly sought-after candidates in the competitive tech job market.

Challenge: Bridging Academia and Industry

“Preparing students for their careers goes beyond the classroom. At Georgia Tech’s College of Computing, we're committed to equipping students with the tools they need for a successful internship and job search.”

— Olufisayo Omojokun, Chair of Georgia Tech's School of Computing Instruction

In order to successfully transition into their careers, students must learn technical foundations, navigate complex interview processes, and adapt theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios.

The College's career services team recognized these challenges and sought a path to help bridge the gap.

"Preparing students for their careers goes beyond the classroom. At Georgia Tech’s College of Computing, we're committed to equipping students with the tools they need for a successful internship and job search," says Olufisayo Omojokun, chair of the School of Computing Instruction, who supervises career services for the College.


Georgia Tech began to work with Exponent to offer students a suite of tools for their job search, as well as reinforcing students' academic foundations with practical exercises and feedback. These include technical practice, real-world examples, and soft skills training.

Exponent has experience with more than 40 leading universities, so integration and launch were smooth and successful.

Applying lessons from the classroom

Omojokun, along with Mary Hudachek-Buswell, the school's associate chair, hope to have all computer science students in their Data Structures and Algorithms course registered on Exponent by the end of the calendar year.

"I see potential in Exponent as supplemental courseware," Omojokun said, "allowing me to directly map course topics to realistic scenarios in which our students can apply their new knowledge."

Exponent's platform helps students reinforce their technical skills via interactive courses, as well as an integrated developer environment that provides helpful practice and feedback.

By bringing Exponent into the classroom from the very start, Omojokun and Hudachek-Buswell hope to reinforce the concepts students are learning in class and accelerate preparation for summer internships and jobs after graduation, they said.

Insights from the industry

Georgia Tech chose Exponent in part because of its library of expert-led video content, which shows how to use theoretical concepts to solve problems—a common challenge in interviews. Exponent also organizes regular presentations and webinars where industry experts can share their learnings with students and provide Q&As.

Teaching soft skills

School of Computing Instruction faculty also wanted to help their students build soft skills, which are vital to success in interviews. Beyond technical prep, Exponent provides this behavioral interview preparation with an emphasis on communication skills, presentations, and networking advice.

Improving access with SSO

Georgia Tech students already use a single sign-on system to access services. Exponent already supports a wide range of account provisioning options, so Georgia Tech decided to use single sign-on via CAS. Thanks to this integration, students are able to sign up in just one click, and the school has achieved record sign-up rates.

Looking forward

Exponent and Georgia Tech have collaborated to develop and demonstrate a forward-thinking approach to higher education. By combining academic learning with practical, industry-relevant training, students will feel more prepared and confident for their careers.

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