COVID-19: Exponent's Free Memberships, University Partnerships

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Exponent is here for you during these challenging times. If you're one of the millions worldwide affected by COVID-19, we want to help you. Here are some of the ways we are supporting folks affected by the world pandemic.

Free Interview Question Database

We're launching our interview question database, with thousands of questions asked by companies like Google, Facebook, and more, to our community for free for the next few weeks. We know how hard the recruiting space has been, and we're continuing to dedicate resources to help demystify the process for our community at large.

To get access, just go to this link - no credit card required.

University Partnerships

Are you a student at a university that's now using remote learning? We know how tough it is to bridge the gap between education and employment, especially with virtual classrooms. That's why we're excited to partner with universities like INSEAD, Wharton, CMU, and more to provide free Exponent Memberships to students. Note: As of 2021, CMU is no longer a part of Exponent's Membership.

If you're interested in helping your school become an Exponent partner, please email [email protected] so we can chat with your university career department.

New Video on COVID-19 and Interviewing

Lastly, as the world has changed, so has tech. We've launched a new YouTube video where we interview Ken Sandy, former VP Product at Lynda and MasterClass, to talk about how COVID-19 has affected interviewing in product management and more.

Your Exponent membership awaits.

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