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Building your first product marketing resume might seem overwhelming but don't worry. Here at Exponent, we've reviewed thousands of product marketing resumes to provide you with some best practices. Here's my resume when I was accepted to the Google Associate Product Marketing Management (APMM) program.

The resume I used to apply to Google

Overall Design:

Notes on the overall design of your resume.

  • One-page. No one has time to read the 2nd page so make sure you ruthlessly prioritize the most important experiences.
  • Use bolding and italics effectively. Optimize for a quick read through so make sure you bolden things you want to
  • Consistent formatting. Marketers care a lot about consistency so make sure you start on the front foot. Typos in a million dollar ad campaign are costly!


Notes on the overall content of your resume.

  • Quantitative. Express what you worked on in numbers! $ are ideal but percentages are also fine. This allows the reader to relate to your experience. How much was the campaign budget? What was the team size? How many leads did you help generate, leading to how much revenue? How many events did you help set up? How many people attended? How many reports and presentations did you make and who did you present to?
  • Creativity. Exhibit your creative flair. Ever written an article? Or worked on a wacky creative campaign? It doesn't have to be through work experience per se, it could even be hobby where you demonstrated your creative nous. Recruiters and managers will want to gauge your creative judgement.
  • Explain lesser-known companies. If Joe Bloggs hasn't heard of the company, it's unlikely your recruiter has so add one line with a brief sentence describing the company and highlight major accomplishments e.g. funding rounds, # of users, marketing budget, link to press articles
  • Action words. Start your resume bullet points with action words.
  • Include relevant experiences, even if they're not direct. Product marketing experiences are rare to come by so think through related skills: analysis, user research, market expertise, program management, creative judgement and problem solving.

PMM skills to demonstrate

Product marketing managers require a broad set of skills to demonstrate their effectiveness. Calling out these aspects in your resume will help you stand out as a PMM:

  • Business Experience. Do you have experience working in different business and working with different functions?
  • Interest in marketing. Have you done anything that speaks to your interest in marketing? Doesn't have to employed as a marketer, but demonstrates your knowledge of what marketing does and your interest in it.
  • Entrepreneurial. Have you ever started something or been a part of a small team where you brought a new initiative to life? Anytime you've demonstrated ownership?
  • Team player. When have you worked with a team? How many people were in it? What was your output and what was your role?
  • User Studies. Have you collected data for qualitative or quantitative research ? Do you know how to use this feedback to inform a recommendation?
  • Market Research. Do you have a solid understanding of industries related to technology? Do you know how to conduct market research? Have you previously written a research report?
  • …Many more. This isn’t a complete list. Customize your list of skills based on your background, the company, and based on the type of product marketing role you’re applying for.

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