Launching Exponent's PM Interview On-Site Simulation

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Trying to prepare for an on-site PM interview? Ever wonder how your interviewers make their decisions and evaluate your performance? Want to get tangible, useful practice and feedback for your critical interview day?

We're taking you behind the scenes of a real PM on-site interview with our brand new on-site PM interview simulation day.

At Exponent, we believe the best way to prepare for your upcoming interview is to practice. That's why we've launched our new simulation day, to replicate an actual on-site interview day at companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and more.  

In this 5-hour in-person simulation, you will be grilled on product design, analytical ability, and technical know-how to replicate the experience of an actual on-site PM mock interview.

Our simulation includes:

  • On-site mock interview with two different ex-Google, Facebook PMs
  • Detailed technical interview session to prepare for the technical portion of PM interviewing.
  • Lunch included, with conversation about careers in product management.
  • Group interview session to discuss behavioral elements of the interview process.
  • Detailed feedback during and after the session highlighting critical areas of improvement for an on-site PM interview.

We're thrilled to launch this experience in its beta mode. Our first on-site simulation is now sold-out and will take place on August 31, hosted by our friends at Kapwing's HQ. If you're interested in signing up for future on-site simulations (currently only in San Francisco), please sign up here.

As Exponent's community grows, so do we. We're excited to experiment with this new format of PM interviewing to help you land your dream tech job.

Your Exponent membership awaits.

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