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What are some of the most common PM interview questions? How do great product managers break into the industry for the first time? What are the best answers to the "what is your favorite product" PM question?

At PMLesson, we're dedicated to providing a wealth of information helping aspiring product managers land their dream job. Introducing: PMLesson's Blog.

In the coming few weeks, we'll be posting the following, to complement PMLesson's comprehensive online PM interview prep course.

  • Path to PM Series: How did great product managers get their first PM job?
  • Classic PM Mistakes: Some of the most common (and frustrating) blunders that PM interviewees make.
  • PMLesson Course Updates: PMLesson's course is focused on a practice-based learning approach. We'll post regular updates, exclusive content and more!
  • Community-submitted requests: PMLesson is here to help you land your dream PM job! That's why we're also eager to solicit potential blog ideas from the community. Submit blog requests to [email protected].

We're excited to engage you on our blog, and as always, good luck with your PM interview prep.

Regardless, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding product management interview prep! You can reach me directly at [email protected].

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