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Technical Program Manager

Updated 8 months ago
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Product Marketing Manager

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Engineering Manager

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Google PM Interview Course

11 courses7.3k students

Learn how to ace your Google PM interview with our in-depth look at the interview process, tips, and example interview questions.

Craft and Execution Questions

10 lessons400 students

Worried Google's new Craft and Execution PM interview? We'll teach you exactly what to expect, how to prepare, and run through some review exercises designed to position you as a master of the craft of product management.

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Interview Questions

Google logoShare your Google interview experience and get answers from the Exponent community.
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Top Google Coaches

Patrick B.
Google & Amazon PM

Patrick B.

Patrick is a Product Management leader with over 10 years of experience at companies such as Discord, Google, Snapchat, and Amazon.
Ashish S.
Sr. Product Manager, Google

Ashish S.

PM Lead at Shopify, Previously Sr. PM at Google
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