Congrats! Jumpstart your first 90 days

You’ve worked so hard to land the job, and now we want to support you to excel in it. Invest in your first 90 days to accelerate your career.

Make a strong first impression

First impressions matter. Start your career strong so that you can hit the ground running from day one.

Ace your manager 1:1s

Practice mock conversations with your manager and review our recommended manager 1:1 question list and template.

Track your performance

Learn how to solicit feedback and check-in with your manager so there are no surprises in your performance.

Having an experienced mentor guide you through the initial onboarding phase makes a huge difference. That’s exactly what Exponent’s First 90 Days program helped me with. The program was customized based on my needs and put into a very practical and approachable format by the Exponent team!

Snap SWE

The program was absolutely phenomenal in terms of the help I got from the supporting materials and most importantly the support from my excellent mentor. I would highly recommend Exponent’s 90-day program as a must-have when you start a new chapter in your career. Best investment I had in 2022.

B2B Product Manager