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Disney PM (Product Manager) Interview Guide

Learn how to prepare for the Disney Product Manager interview and get a job at Disney with this in-depth guide.

Disney is an incredibly fun place to work, but since it is a very large entertainment company and not a tech company, the product management role lives within several different business units. Business units range widely, and can include anything from Parks to ABC Television Group. Each of these divisions has its own hiring criteria and culture, so be sure to learn and connect with someone who works in the group you are applying for.

Since each group at Disney has its own distinct hiring methods there is not specific criteria for being hired. If you are an experienced product manager you will need to demonstrate your experience as a leader who has shipped successful products in the past. You will need to show that you are adept at gathering requirements from a wide range of business stakeholders and translating these requirements into actionable stories for design and engineering.

If you are a new product manager you may want to consider applying for a business analyst role as this is a first step to becoming a product manager at Disney.

Interview Process

Sample Questions

Disney’s interview questions consist of the following types.

Cultural Fit

Disney has a strong culture and it is imperative that you demonstrate how you will fit into that culture.

Practice Questions:

  • Why Disney?

  • How is your background a good fit for this role?

Project Management and Leadership

At Disney you will be in charge of leading a team of designers and engineers and managing up with stakeholders. Disney wants to understand how you use tools to manage teams and how you have been successful at doing so in the past.

Practice Questions:

  • Tell me how you would use Jira to measure the effectiveness of the team?

  • What agile ceremonies have you led in the past?

  • How do you groom the backlog to get it ready for engineering?

Behavioral Questions

Disney wants to understand how, as an experienced PM, you perform and lead in difficult situations.

Practice Questions:

  • What is the most challenging product you have worked on and why?

  • Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with a coworker and how you resolved it.

Product Development

Disney wants to understand how, as an experienced PM, you have shipped successful products.

Practice Questions:

  • Describe driving a new feature from soup to nuts.

  • We're about to roll out the successor to our most well-known product. How would you position the legacy product so that it continues to sell well?

  • How do you manage a new product launch? What tactics, strategies and processes do you use?

Sample Disney PM Interview Questions

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