Introducing: Personalized My Progress Dashboard

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Today, we are launching the new My Progress dashboard, which will be your home at Exponent to keep track of your growth, while recommending the best resources to achieve your goals like a great coach.

Here are the three main things that you need to keep in mind to get the most out of the new dashboard:

(1) If you are new to Exponent, check out the Onboarding Checklist! Complete a few of our recommendations to warm yourself up and start preparing for your next interview taking full advantages of all Exponent resources, including our course, Interview Questions database, and daily peer mock interviews.

(2) Now you can edit your career goals as often as you want using the My Career Goal section in the dashboard. Select your interested roles, where you are in the interview stage, and target companies, and we will recommend you the best Exponent courses, questions, and coaches that you can work with to achieve your goals.

(3) All content on the dashboard is personalized for you. Based on your career goals and recent activity, the dashboard will provide recommended courses, questions, and coaches so that you can waste no time and dive straight into your interview prep. Remember, you can always edit the "My Career Goals" section from the above to change your goals and get different recommendations.

Over the past year, Exponent has launched many products and courses. While we are happy and grateful to hear that our work has helped a lot of you land your dream jobs, we've also received feedback that it can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate all of what Exponent has to offer.

That's why we redesigned the dashboard and our hope is that it will become a more personal, focused, and welcoming home for all of you.

To check it out, navigate to Exponent and sign in. You'll be able to checkout the newly updated "My Progress" tab.

We will be launching more features and improving the overall dashboard experience in the coming months, so if you have feedback or feature requests, please email [email protected]!

Huge kudos to the entire product team, including Luke Loreti, Jacob Simon, Caleb Lai, and Stephen Cognetta for their hard work building the dashboard!

Your Exponent membership awaits.

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