The Top 8 Tech Companies to Intern at in 2022

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Employees routinely say that the best places to work are some of the big tech companies. Few other industries provide their workers with the perks commonplace at companies like Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

However, it's very challenging to get a full-time position at many of these companies – especially with the rise of recent layoffs in the tech industry, making it harder than ever to land your dream role. Google, for instance, is more selective than Harvard University.

We say this not to discourage you by any means–just the opposite. But, there is no better way to get a foot in the door at these companies than an internship program. Not only that but having these kinds of companies on your resume could help you find startup jobs or lucrative positions elsewhere.

But, which should you choose?  To help figure out which tech internships (and work more generally) is right for you, we created, the 12 best companies to work for according to employees and this list of the 8 best tech company internships in 2022.

So, let's take a closer look:

1.) Google

Google logo, Google Sydney Office

Photo by Mitchell Luo / Unsplash

Google is one of the most globally sought-after companies of any tech company. Every year, hiring managers receive millions of qualified applicants for various roles.

Getting your foot in the door at Google is an incredibly demanding and competitive task. However, procuring an internship at the company can put you ahead of the rest.

There are several programs at the company for various roles. These are the STEP program, the BOLD program, and the APM program.

  • The STEP (Student Training in Engineering Program) is for those engineering and tech-related roles.
  • The BOLD (Build Opportunities for Leadership & Development) is meant for those business and marketing-related positions.
  • Finally, the APM (Associate Product Manager) is for product management and product marketing management roles.

While it may feel overwhelming preparing for or aspiring to obtain an internship at Google, given its scale. Fortunately for you, however, the company is very transparent.

Google hiring managers give an extensive overview of their hiring practices in their document aptly named "How We Hire," packed with tons of actionable advice for qualified applicants.

To learn more, read our article about become an intern at Google.

2.) Facebook

iphone, ios, home screen, close up, pixels, retina, smartphone, icon, facebook

Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

Facebook is another big tech company with an extensive internship program for recent grads. Many internship roles last between 12-16 weeks.

The programs at Facebook are educationally focused, whereas a technology internship program at another company may be more hands-on.

This is not necessarily a bad thing by any means. Facebook interns have access to a wide range of professional mentors. Not only that, they can enjoy the highest open and innovative culture at the company.

Every intern at Facebook is matched with a mentor that works alongside them on a 1:1 basis. Throughout your program, you will receive continuous support from your mentor(s) and managers.

Interns also can interact with all the other employees at the company. While these mentorships are educational above all, as we mentioned, that does not mean that interns will not make legitimate contributions to the company. For example, nearly all Facebook interns have the chance to ship code or help develop actual projects at the company within days of their programs.

The company offers its interns the same benefits and perks as most full-time Facebookers. In addition, interns also receive housing assistance during the program.

Not only that, once you've interned once at the company, you'll automatically be considered for another internship offer (should it apply). If not, you'll have a strong chance of obtaining a full-time position at the company should you choose to pursue it.

To learn more, check out the internships on Facebook here.

3.) Microsoft

Microsoft building in Vancouver, BC, Canadá

Photo by Matthew Manuel / Unsplash

Microsoft has many tech internships available for students in Bachelor's, Master's, MBAs, or Ph.D. programs. Like many internships on our list, interns at Microsoft work alongside full-time employees. Together, they contribute to the technical or business projects currently underway.

However, hands-on experience is not the only thing available to Microsoft interns. The programs at the company are very educational, as well. Interns can experience the company culture first-hand while doing real work alongside Microsoft employees.

Interns also can engage and interact with senior management or executives and participate in memorable corporate events. In addition, all Microsoft internships are paid and come with relocation assistance and many of the perks of full-time employees.

To qualify for an internship at Microsoft, you will need to be a full-time student at an accredited four-year university. In addition, your area of study will need to be relevant to the internship you are applying to.

To learn more about Microsoft internships, visit their website here.

4.) Amazon

Photo by Christian Wiediger / Unsplash

Amazon offers internship programs for students: Bachelor's, Master's, MBAs, or Ph.Ds. Not only that, the company provides internship roles globally.

As you can imagine, the internship programs are designed to give students an inside look at the operations at Amazon and the inner workings of their particular roles.

These programs begin with an extensive onboarding experience alongside other Amazon interns. In addition, interns will connect with managers and employees who provide them with mentorship and guidance throughout their program.

Amazon interns will be tasked with a program-long project that they will ultimately present to other Amazon employees at the end of their program.

To learn more about the specifics of Amazon internships, be sure to check out their many intern-specific blog posts.

You can also find a current list of their available internship roles here.

5.) SpaceX

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Demo Mission

Photo by SpaceX / Unsplash

For those recent tech grads interested in space exploration, SpaceX offers a year-long internship. Those students accepted to this internship program will have perhaps the most unique experience on our list. Not too mention SpaceX's frequent highlights in top tech news.

There are many different internships available at the company. SpaceX internships span both engineering and business roles. To qualify, you must be a student at an accredited four-year university with a 3.5 GPA or higher.

However, the company also requires software engineering and business interns to be six months or less away from their graduation date. Nevertheless, those students currently enrolled in a Master's program are also eligible for SpaceX internships.

Make no mistake, SpaceX interns, whether they be in engineering, software development, operations, or marketing, will have a hands-on role at the company.

The work done in these programs is anything but frivolous. Interns will design, develop, test, and manufacture spaceflight technology.

To learn more, be sure to visit the SpaceX website here.

6.) Twitter

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger / Unsplash

Twitter is unique in that they have various internship programs (especially diversity programs) completed virtually. Following the COVID-19 Pandemic, Twitter made headlines by allowing its employees to work remotely permanently if they wanted to. This attitude towards virtual work extends to their interns, as well.

All interns at Twitter are called "Terns." But, just like many of the other interns on our list, Terns still play a vital role at the company and contribute to real work.

Twitter internships are open for those students at an accredited four-year university in their junior or senior years. Graduate students are also eligible.

As we mentioned, Twitter has several diversity programs for its interns. These are:

  • #TwitterAcademy: #TwitterAcademy is a 12-week summer paid program specifically meant for members of historically underrepresented communities, such as Women, Black, Hispanic, and Indigenous people. #TwitterAcademy is for those computer science students in their second year or higher of a four-year university program.
  • #FirstFlight: #FirstFlight is perhaps one of the shortest programs on our list. It lasts only two days. Again, this diversity program is designed for those third-year Black, Hispanic/Latinx, and/or Indigenous students. Later on, the interns were chosen to interview for other internships in this program.
  • #TakeFlight: #TakeFlight is another two-day program at Twitter. This program, however, was developed for first-generation college students, women, or members of the LGBTQIA+ community. This is another engineering program open to computer science students. The two days of the program consist of hands-on technical workshops, professional development seminars, and opportunities to meet with senior leadership.
  • #EarlyBird: The #EarlyBird program is another short at Twitter. This program, however, is a five-day internship for first-year computer science students (as the name suggests). This is another diversity program for students from underrepresented communities.

To learn more, visit Twitter's Early Career section of their website.

7.) Adobe

Ipad featuring adobe software in the daytime.

Photo by Emily Bernal / Unsplash

Adobe is another big tech company offering students paid internship opportunities. Here, students have the chance to make valuable connections while developing in-demand career skills.

Students from a diverse range of backgrounds can find internships at Adobe. Whether their education is in engineering, marketing, sales, operations, or otherwise.

However, there are three primary programs at the company. These are:

  • Internships at Adobe Research: The Research teams at Adobe accept interns from Ph.D. programs to join the computer science and electrical engineering teams. These interns work alongside actual Adobe researchers in the lab to contribute to cutting-edge technology.
  • Adobe Sales Academy: Adobe offers internships for business students through the Adobe Sales Academy. Here, students will get hands-on experience with enterprise-level sales with one of the most prominent digital marketing and media companies. Here, Adobe sales interns will receive high-quality training and meet with mentors to become the next generation of sales professionals.
  • MBAs at Adobe: Finally, Adobe offers professional development internships for those students in MBA programs. This program was developed by the Talent Development team at the company alongside those Adobe employees with MBAs. These interns will look at Adobe's business and marketing strategy. They will also develop their professional business skills while making valuable connections and career pathways.

Be sure to check out the Adobe website to learn more here.

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8.) Apple

Photo by Laurenz Heymann / Unsplash

Apple treats its interning students like any other employee at the company. However, the internship programs here are unique. There is an expectation of learning by both the employees and the company.

In other words, the company naturally expects its interns to learn much from their experiences. Still, they also hope their full-time employees to learn too.

The internship programs at Apple are some of the most noteworthy on our list because Apple itself is very unique. The culture at the company is a blend of technology and the arts.

In this way, Apple provides opportunities that other tech companies may not, i.e., liberal arts students. Interns can work in several different places at Apple- one of the company's many offices, an Apple store, or even from home.

To learn more, check out Apple's Students page on their website.

If you end up applying, see if you can get an Apple referral to boost your chances of getting noticed.

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