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Stephen CognettaStephen CognettaPublished

Interviewing for product management roles has always been one of Exponent's core competencies. We're thrilled to announce today that we're continuing to serve our product manager users by acquiring Daily Product Prep, a tool with hundreds of PM interview questions and answers, as well as a daily practice problem sent out to all users.

One of our guiding principles has been that practice is what helps people learn new skills, get valuable feedback, and reduce the anxiety that holds candidates back from interviewing well.

That's why we're excited about Daily Product Prep - a platform that in many ways embodies the core values of Exponent's learning style. The synergy between Daily Product Prep and Exponent will allow a more robust learning suite for any product manager, regardless of if you're just starting out or a seasoned executive.

Specifically, our industry-leading courses, career coaches, and job opportunities create a huge win-win when combined with the vast interview prep content available on Daily Product Prep. By bringing these two communities together, we'll be creating the world's most comprehensive resource for product manager interview prep.

What's changing? Rest assured, the Daily Product Prep you know and love isn't going anywhere. We'll be running and maintaining the platform, while finding ways to integrate the products over the next couple of years.

We're excited to have you be part of this journey with us and can't wait for what comes next.


Stephen, Jacob, the Exponent Team, and Donald from Daily Product Prep

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