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Stephen CognettaStephen CognettaPublished

Getting your first junior product management role can make or break your career. Often called 'associate product manager' or 'rotational product manager' programs, these positions are exclusive, sought-after, and extremely challenging to break into.

We're thrilled to announce that we've now acquired APM List to make finding your dream junior product manager role a piece of cake.

This one is personal for me - I remember how impactful my admission to the Google APM program was for my career–it was the job of my dreams, and it launched my career in technology and product in a way that I couldn't even predict.

Similarly, Ryan, the founder of APM List, started his career in an APM program. He also shares my excitement and enthusiasm for helping others find ways to kickstart their product careers.

That's why I'm so excited about APM List–we want to make positions like these more accessible and less stressful to find.

APM List currently has a list of currently available associate product manager roles and internships, and we'll be continuing to update the list while adding new features and offerings to help it grow even more.

We're excited to have you be part of this journey with us and can't wait for what comes next.


Stephen, Jacob, the Exponent Team, and Ryan from APM List

PS: Ryan isn’t going away, and is committed to helping us guide APM List to become even more impactful while staying true to its initial vision.

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